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Wines currently available at winery
Specialty Wines 

Spiced Apple $17.00 
Halfway between a semi-dry and semi-sweet; fragrant mulled apple wine. 

Rustic Oracle $19.00 
Earthy and bold; slightly floral dandelion wine. 

Summer Solstice $16.00 
Near semi-sweet; linden flower wine. 

Blood of the Mountain $19.00 
Near semi-sweet; complex and dynamic, fragrant orange wine with blood orage tea. 

Grape Wines
Catawba $16.00 
Medium bodied semi-sweet classic with hints of peach and citrus. 

Concord $16.00 
Grapey semi-sweet with a touch of vanilla and licorice. 

Grape Blends 

Blairsville Blush $16.00 
Tones of fruits and plums dance on your palate in this semi-sweet blush with citrus finish. 

Sunset Rosé $16.00 
Sweet smooth rose with crisp flavors of apples and pears. 

Ridgeview Red $16.00 
Floral sweet red wine blend. 

Red Wines 

Merlot $19.00 
Dry Merlot with Hungarian Oak.